What is Bloom Enterprise?

Bloom Enterprise is a paid subscription service offered by SIL LEAD which adds additional features and services to Bloom (including the Sign Language tool) that are particularly important to international organizations. By subscribing to this service, international projects can meet some of their unique needs while also supporting the development and user support of Bloom, which helps everybody.

What does a subscription include?

Bloom Enterprise currently includes:

  • access to the Sign Language tool

  • custom branding

  • access to training materials and videos

Additional fee-based services available include:

  • custom Bloomlibrary.org bookshelves

  • analytics dashboard and comprehension questions (for books published to Bloom Reader)

  • customized training workshops and support to meet your organization’s needs

  • customized setups for decodable and leveled readers

  • customized templates and bloompacks

What does a subscription cost?

Annual subscription prices for Bloom Enterprise are $1,000 or $2,500 depending on where the organization is located and whether they receive Official Development Assistance. To request a quote specific to your organization, please click the “Request Quote” button and complete and submit the form that will open in a new window. We will do our best to respond with a quote within 24 hours.

Individuals and members of minority language communities may access all of Bloom Enterprise’s accessibility features for free by selecting the “Funded by the local community only” option on the Bloom Enterprise tab on the Settings page. Books made with this option selected will contain the Bloom Local branding package. Interested parties may use this method to trial Bloom Enterprise features, but should not continue to use Bloom Enterprise indefinitely without subscribing.