What do books mean to you?

Captions: For her, books mean a chance to learn... a chance to earn... and the beginning of a world of opportunity.


Of the 1 billion that are unable to read, 2/3 of them are female. Many speak a minority language.   

The Her Book campaign helps girls get books in their own language.     

Help girls learn to read. 

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With 75% of out-of-school girls coming from ethnic, religious, cultural or linguistic minorities, access to education in a child's first language especially matters to girls from rural and marginalized communities.  

Local language books increase the chance of a girl staying in school  and becoming better educated.

The Her Book campaign gets culturally relevant books in the hands of young girls.  In her grade.  In the language she speaks.  To own.

Having books at home encourages parents to be involved in their girls’ educations and tells a girl she's worth it. 

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Educated girls need books.

Early grade reading is critical for girls to learn well and have success in future grades.  Girls reading at home with their own books also makes a difference.  Findings in Ethiopia show that having books at home in addition to textbooks in the classroom boosted children’s fluency. 

With books that are in the home and written in a girl's language, more girls will be successful.

Educated girls make educated mothers.

According to UNICEF, educating girls consistently for 6 years or more improves their prenatal and postnatal care and childbirth survival rates. In fact, recent studies show that half of the reduction in child mortality rates worldwide are directly attributed to women receiving a better education.  

Along with healthier children, educated mothers are more likely to have higher incomes, higher self-esteems, and are more likely to avoid HIV infection, violence, and exploitation. Plus, an educated mother is more likely to send her own daughters to school.

Recognizing that speakers of minority languages are often the least reached and the most ignored, the Her Book Campaign compliments SIL LEAD's approach, which prioritizes culturally and linguistically relevant programs. This makes learning more effective and keeps children in school longer.



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