SIL LEAD works in countries around the world to achieve our mission of helping local, community-based organizations use their own languages to improve their quality of life. We operate a mix of short-term and multi-year projects in the areas of Multilingual Education, Health Localization, and Technology and Innovation, all aimed at helping others to find and implement their solutions to their own unique challenges.


Afghanistan ACR

USAID's Afghan Children Read project seeks to implement a primary education initiative to improve equitable access to education and learning outcomes for girls and boys in Afghanistan. SIL LEAD serves as a subcontractor to Creative Associates on this project.

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Book Boost

SIL LEAD has been empowered as a winner of the Book Boost: Access for All Challenge to help address the shortage of quality books in accessible formats for children who are blind, have low vision, or experience other disabilities that impact their use of printed materials. Accessibility features are currently being added to Bloom and will be tested in the Philippines.

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Community Based Language Development

Our CBLD initiative works with language communities to help ensure their language serves the community's shifting cultural, social, political, and economic needs. SIL LEAD has worked with Ghana LDP and our Indigenous Peruvian Teachers Scholarship program, and we continue to seek out new opportunities worldwide. We will soon be announcing several matching grants to Community Based Organizations (CBOs).


(2016-October 2018)

USAID and the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DfID) have jointly funded a groundbreaking, five-year program focused on reading outcomes to support the DRC’s 2016 – 2025 education and training strategy. SIL LEAD serves as a subcontractor to Chemonics.

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Enabling Writers (various countries)
(2016-November 2018)

Through the Enabling Writers Workshops, the ACR Partnership supports training and capacity-building for local authors to continue to create high-quality children’s books. Approximately 3000 books will be created in 15 languages in 6 countries through this effort.  SIL LEAD serves as a subcontractor to URC on this project. 

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Ethiopia READ TA

The main objective of the country-wide USAID READ TA project was to improve the reading and writing performance of 15 million primary grade students in seven Ethiopian languages, and English as a second language. SIL LEAD served as a subcontractor to RTI on this project.

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Ghana LDP

LDP seeks to improve upon the educational development in the area of Dagbon (northern Ghana) through addressing the illiteracy rate and the poor quality of basic education with a special focus on literacy in the mother tongue of primary school children.

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Ghana Learning
(2017-September 2018)

Under USAID’s Ghana Learning, pupils will learn to read in their local language. SIL LEAD provided reading specialists and other consultants to help lead four materials development workshops.  SIL LEAD serves as a subcontractor to FHI 360 on this project.

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Guatemala Leer y Aprender

SIL LEAD is conducting Bloom training and writers workshops in Guatemala City and Quetzaltenango to train writers to use Bloom to produce decodable and leveled readers in Mam, K'iche', and Spanish. SIL LEAD is serving as a subcontractor to Juarez and Associates on this USAID-funded project.

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Madagascar Education Project

SIL LEAD consultants provided SynPhony analaysis of three Malagasy languages, provided linguistic input, assisted with the development of Scopes & Sequence, and provided Bloom training focused on the production of decodable and leveled texts. SIL LEAD served as a subcontractor to FHI 360 on this USAID-funded project.

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The MERIT interventions sought to improve reading instruction and acquisition in the classroom, increase parental and community engagement in supporting student reading, create safer learning environments for reading, institute pathways for sustainability, and advance USAID/Malawi’s priority of integration across programs. SIL LEAD served as a subcontractor to RTI.


Nepal EGRP

USAID’s Early Grade Reading Program (EGRP) is a 5-year project to support the Ministry of Education in Nepal with the overall goal of improving reading outcomes for over one million learners in Nepali and three mother tongue languages: Rana TharuMaithili, and Awadhi. SIL LEAD served as a subcontractor to RTI on this project.

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Indigenous Peruvian Teacher Scholarships
(2015 - present )

In 2015 SIL LEAD launched a pilot project to raise funds for scholarships for indigenous teachers in the Peruvian Amazon who lacked the resources to become fully certified. With the approximately $40,000 SIL LEAD raised from individuals and the Hull Foundation, 21 scholarships have been awarded.

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Senegal ACR

The objective of USAID's 5-year Senegal All Children Reading (ACR) program is to provide technical assistance to improve reading outcomes in children in the early grades of public school and the equivalent grades in Daara in the target regions. SIL LEAD serves as a subcontractor to Chemonics on this project.

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Uganda SHRP

This 5-year USAID School Health and Reading Program project was implemented to support Uganda’s Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) to improve the quality of education in Uganda emphasizing early grade reading and HIV and AIDS education.  SIL LEAD served as a subcontractor to RTI on this project

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And More To Come...