There is only one Bloom, but there are some additional features that you can access if you are enrolled in the Bloom Enterprise Service. Some additional features are available for local communities creating books with their own resources. Bloom Enterprise is for organizations. 

The following chart compares what is available to users under different plans.

“Local communities” for this purpose are language communities who are creating books in their own languages and with their own resources. People who are hearing impaired can also use the “Local Community” option for creating Sign Language books.

Here is further information on some of these features:

  • The Decodable and Leveled Reader Tools allow users to configure Bloom for a specific language for writing books containing decodable and leveled text.

  • The Motion Tool allows users to “pan” and “zoom” images when books are read in landscape orientation in the Bloom Reader app.

  • Bloom Reader is a free Android app that allows people to read Bloom books published to Android.

  • The Music Tool allows users to add background music to play with Bloom book pages when the book is read in Bloom Reader.

  • The Accessible Book Tools include a tool for writing image descriptions and recording them and an “impairment visualizer” that allows the user to see what an image might look like to someone with one of several kinds of visual impairment.

  • The Sign Language Tool allows a user to add sign language video to Bloom book pages.

  • Comprehension questions can be created in Bloom books and answered interactively in Bloom Reader for books that have been created under a Bloom Enterprise plan.

  • Bookshelves on Bloom Reader are ways to organize books in the Bloom Reader Android app.

  • Custom Branding provides organizations with the option to specify wording and logos to include in every Bloom book created under their plan.

  • A dedicated “bookshelf” in the online Bloom Library is a separate page that displays the books created and uploaded under an organization’s Bloom Enterprise plan.

  • A dashboard for monitoring book use is a tool for monitoring people’s use of Bloom books being read in Bloom Reader. It includes metrics on responses to Bloom Reader comprehension questions.