Chairman of the Board

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Mark Taylor, Board Chair, has been President and CEO of Tyndale House Publishers since 1984. Mark served as director of the Bible Translation Committee for the New Living Translation.  He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Taylor University.

Board Members

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Nelis van den Berg is associate Executive Director of SIL International, responsible for Africa, the Middle East and Western Asia. He is an educational specialist from Leiden University with 20 years of experience in Africa, both in Literacy and different organizational leadership roles. 

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Samantha Custer is Director of Policy Analysis for AidData, a research and innovation lab at the College of William & Mary. Samantha brings 17 years of diverse international development experience that cuts across traditional boundaries between academia, policy, and practice. Samantha has holds a Master of Science in Foreign Service and Master of Public Policy from Georgetown University. Click here for Samantha's story...

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Serge Duss is Director of Public Policy & Advocacy at International Medical Corps, a global health humanitarian organization. He also serves on several other non-profit boards including Central Union Mission in Washington DC, the Institute for Public Service & Policy Development at Pepperdine University, and Kairos USA.

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Carletta Lahn is the Scripture Access Team Leader for the North Region of the Americas Area of SIL. She has a Masters in Applied Linguistics and Exegesis and has 18 years of experience providing training and support to indigenous organizations in Peru and the Americas. Click here for Carletta's story...


Margaret Jepkirui Muthwii  is the Vice Chancellor of the Pan Africa Christian University and holds a PhD from University of East Anglia.  She is a sociolinguist and has widely published on topics such as language and education, language planning, language development and literacy, English in African contexts, and the significant role of the indigenous languages in societal relations and development.

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Joy Kreeft Peyton is a Senior Fellow with the Center for Applied Linguistics, where she served as Vice President for 16 years. She holds a PhD in Linguistics from Georgetown University and has over 35 years of experience working in the fields of languages, linguistics, and cultural education. Click here for Joy's story...

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Catherine Young is currently the Director of Global Language and Development Services for SIL International. Catherine has served in various roles in SIL International since 1991 including academic leadership in SIL Philippines, SIL Asia Area and as International Literacy and Education Coordinator. She is currently MA Course Leader in Literacy Programme Development at Redcliffe College, Gloucester, UK. Catherine holds a PhD in Education from the University of Wales with a focus on language policy and planning for children from minority language communities.