Projects Overview

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Multi-Year Projects


Afghanistan ACR

USAID's Afghan Children Read project is a five‐year program that aims to build the capacity of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA)’s Ministry of Education (MoE). USAID seeks to implement a primary education initiative to improve equitable access to education and learning outcomes for girls and boys in Afghanistan.


Ethiopia READ TA

The main objective of the country-wide USAID READ TA project is to improve the reading and writing performance of 15 million primary grade students in seven Ethiopian languages, and English as a second language. SIL LEAD has reviewed national mother tongue curriculum and has assessed the existing learning materials for three languages—WolaittaHadiyyisa, and Sidaamu Afoo. Teaching and learning materials have also been prepared for grades 1-8 in three languages. SIL LEAD is currently supporting the ongoing English as a Second Language (ESL) curriculum and material revision and development efforts.


Ghana Learning

Under USAID’s Ghana Learning, pupils will earn to read in their local language, gradually learning letter sounds and word reading. They will be able to practice these skills in the classroom and at home with pupil books that provide pictures, simple sentences and eventually short stories that enable children to understand what they read in a familiar Ghanaian language. The Ghanaian language reading will be complimented by a beginning English program. Learning’s approach will be implemented in schools and classrooms using best practices from USAID reading programs, which are summarized by the five “T"s: time, test, text, teaching, and tongue.


Nepal EGRP

USAID’s Early Grade Reading Program (EGRP) is a 5-year project to support the Ministry of Education in Nepal with the overall goal of improving reading outcomes for over one million learners in Nepali and three mother tongue languages: Rana TharuMaithili, and Awadhi. SIL LEAD will provide short term technical assistance to the program through curriculum and material development for three mother tongue languages to support the Government of Nepal's National Early Grade Reading Program (NEGRP). In addition, SIL LEAD will provide technical assistance through supplementary materials development, teacher training and building the capacity of local NGOs.


Senegal ACR

The objective of USAID's 5-year Senegal All Children Reading (ACR) program is to provide technical assistance to improve reading outcomes in children in the early grades of public school and the equivalent grades in daaras in the target regions. To achieve this goal, the program will support the Ministry of Education (MOE) in developing a sustainable and scalable national reading program.


Uganda SHRP

This 5-year USAID School Health and Reading Program project is being implemented to support Uganda’s Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) to improve the quality of education in Uganda emphasizing early grade reading and HIV and AIDS education. SIL LEAD consultants have led the development of instructional materials in all of the 12 program languages, provided technical support for training of trainers and teacher training workshops, as well as continued to support the process of orthography development for several languages.

Other Projects

Bloom white background.png

Enabling Writers

Through the Enabling Writers Workshops, the ACR Partnership supports training and capacity-building for local authors to continue to create high-quality children’s books. Awardees in Bangladesh, Haiti, Indonesia, Nepal, Nigeria, and the Philippines will use Bloom software to create new books in mother tongue languages for primary children. The books developed through these workshops will be provided to national ministries of education and shared through the Global Reading Repository.


Democratic Republic of the Congo ACCELERE!

USAID and the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DfID) have jointly funded a groundbreaking, five-year program focused on reading outcomes to support the DRC’s 2016 – 2025 education and training strategy. This is the largest single education intervention in the DRC and will improve the reading outcomes of 1.5 million grade 1-4 students in French and their local language. It will employ professional development approaches for teachers that use local languages to help young children learn to read, consistent with the new curriculum. 



Implemented by RTI International in all primary schools in Malawi to improve reading performance of Malawian students in standards 1-4.  MERIT interventions will improve reading instruction and acquisition in the classroom, increase parental and community engagement in supporting student reading, create safer learning environments for reading, institute pathways for sustainability, and advance USAID/Malawi’s priority of integration across programs..