SIL LEAD works in countries around the world to achieve our mission of helping local, community-based organizations use their own languages to improve their quality of life. We operate a mix of short-term and multi-year projects in the areas of Multilingual Education, Health Localization, and Technology and Innovation, all aimed at helping others to find and implement their solutions to their own unique challenges.

We range from work on larger scale, government-funded projects, to smaller projects that we fund ourselves under the banner of our Community Based Language Development program.

Government-Funded Projects

While our work always comes down to serving individuals and their communities, we are grateful for the opportunity to work on a larger scale with governments and non-governmental organizations to have a broad impact on the countries and communities we serve.

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Community Based Language Development

Our CBLD initiative works with language communities to help ensure their language serves the community's shifting cultural, social, political, and economic needs. SIL LEAD continues to seek out new opportunities worldwide, and will soon be announcing several matching grants to Community Based Organizations (CBOs).

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