People need relevant information to make healthy choices.

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When public health campaigns ignore lesser known languages, remote and oftentimes marginalized communities cannot access information they need to make positive decisions about their health and livelihoods.  

Localization can bridge this gap by translating or adapting vital messages accurately into a community’s distinct language, culture and context. That way, health efforts can achieve desired goals and communities can develop healthy behaviors in a relevant way.    

SIL LEAD uses its expertise in localization to make life saving information relevant and accessible. We help communities and their partners convey disease prevention messages more effectively by using:

  • Templates: Carefully crafted templates can be adapted to a new language and culture more easily

  • Technology: A platform like Bloom helps facilitate the localization and book creation process

  • Training: We help staff identify appropriate cultural metaphors and do skillful translation and adaptation of resources

  • Theater: Embedding vital information in a dramatic story helps people apply the message in a context they are familiar with and can readily recall

  • Tools: Putting the story in the right media, through which people will engage with the message