Our CBLD initiative works with language communities to help ensure their language serves the community's shifting cultural, social, political, and economic needs. SIL LEAD continues to seek out new opportunities worldwide, and will soon be announcing several matching grants to Community Based Organizations (CBOs):


Ghana LDP

LDP seeks to improve upon the educational development in the area of Dagbon (northern Ghana) through addressing the illiteracy rate and the poor quality of basic education with a special focus on literacy in the mother tongue of primary school children.

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Indigenous Peruvian Teacher Scholarships
(2015 - present )

In 2015 SIL LEAD launched a pilot project to raise funds for scholarships for indigenous teachers in the Peruvian Amazon who lacked the resources to become fully certified. With the approximately $40,000 SIL LEAD raised from individuals and the Hull Foundation, 21 scholarships have been awarded.

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And More To Come...