Give to help minority language communities

SIL LEAD is a faith-based nonprofit. Through our network of expert consultants and local partners, SIL LEAD offers extensive capabilities in language, communication and education. You can donate to the SIL LEAD general fund and help to further the work of our staff and consultants.


Invest in a Minority Language Community's Future

Your donations help local community-based organizations around the world pursue their development goals while maintaining and developing their unique language and culture.  SIL LEAD's Community-Based Language Development fund seeks to help fund efforts by these organizations. Click here to donate now and select "Community-Based Language Development" from the drop-down menu.


Literacy and Development through Partnership

Literacy and Development through Partnership (LDP) exists so that children and adults in northern Ghana can learn to read and apply their literacy skills to better their lives. Local trainers from the Dagomba community work together with the public schools in northern Ghana to improve the quality of basic education. LDP works with these Dagomba trainers to provide teacher training in literacy, to develop reading materials, and to advocate for and implement Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education in schools. Currently, 1,500 in-school-children from 47 rural communities in four districts of northern Ghana are benefiting from LDP’s basic education work. Your support for LDP enables children and adults in the Dagomba community to read and to receive basic education, unlocking opportunities to improve the quality of their lives. 

Click here to donate now and select Literacy & Development through Partnership (Ghana) to designate your gift.