How are YOU celebrating Universal Children's Day?

If you’re a parent, there likely isn't a day of the year when you don’t think about your kids. But as important as it is to remember and care for our own children, it’s also important to remind our children that they are part of a global community—to take time to remember children around the world who may not have their same advantages.

In 1954 the United Nations established November 20th as a day to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare. This year they’ve encouraged us to #GoBlue in support of children around the world.

At SIL LEAD, we LOVE this!

Although we do a lot of work with adult learners as well, we have a special heart for the children we’re involved with as we support education initiatives in multiple languages and countries across the globe. So this year for November 20th, we’re turning our website blue and encouraging our friends and supporters to join us in signing the global petition in support of children’s rights.

Wondering what else you can do to express your solidarity?

How about celebrating by…

  • wearing blue clothing or accessories!

  • sharing with the world on social media!

  • taking part in the World’s Largest Lesson using the School Activity Packs!

  • transforming your OWN social media blue for the day!

To get you motivated, enjoy this fun, star-studded video celebrating children everywhere: