Close to the First Milestone

Glinda and a few of her students from the Awajún language community in Peru. 

Glinda and a few of her students from the Awajún language community in Peru. 

IPTS UPDATE: We are pleased to announce that as of September 30, 2015 SIL LEAD has received over $10,000 in donations and commitments for the Indigenous Peruvian Teachers Scholarship project. Although this is less than one-fifth of our total goal, it is enough to provide four scholarships to teachers selected by our Peruvian partner AIDI. To initiate the project, a minimum of six scholarships are needed. Help us fund two more scholarships so that the project can start!

Funding Goals

These scholarships will permit indigenous teachers to finish their thesis requirements in order to earn their títulos (teaching certificates). Recent changes by the Peruvian government may force as many as one-half of the indigenous teachers in the Peruvian Amazon from their teaching jobs unless they are able to earn their títulos. Indigenous teachers are disproportionately affected by these changes because they often live far from the universities at which they studied and/or can not afford the much higher costs of completing their thesis requirements.

One scholarship candidate, Glinda, desires to continue teaching but cannot afford the costs of completing her thesis in order to earn her título. She wrote, “I long to have a título so that I can compete for a teaching position and then promote quality education for the children of my community. Having a título will allow me to access greater opportunities both personally as a woman and as a professional.”

SIL LEAD believes that teachers like Glinda, who speak both Spanish and the indigenous language of her community, can provide indigenous children with a far better education than teachers from outside the community who speak only Spanish and who may not value their culture and language.

Would you partner with us to help us meet this goal? Any amount will help. Or maybe your church, business, or community group might consider pooling your donations together to help fund ¼ ($600), ½ ($1,200), or all ($2,400) of a scholarship. **This project is now fully funded. More scholarships may be added in the future.