In Their Own Words...

While we at SIL LEAD are grateful for many opportunities to serve communities around the world, we hold a special place in our hearts for the organizations we are able to support through our Community Based Language Development (CBLD) program. These are often smaller organizations that might otherwise be overlooked in large scale aid and development initiatives.  By supporting the efforts of local citizens who are taking initiative to improve their own communities, SIL LEAD has a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference in a very focused way.

One of the first organizations we have partnered with through the CBLD program is Literacy & Development through Partnership (LDP), which seeks to improve educational development in the area of Dagbon (northern Ghana). Through a network of trained volunteers working alongside government school teachers and administrators, LDP addresses the high illiteracy rate and the poor quality of basic education. LDP literacy facilitators help primary school children learn to read first in Dagbani, the language they understand and speak. Mastering basic literacy skills opens the doors to wider learning and improves the overall quality of education for these children.

We have been working with LDP since February of 2018. We invite you to explore the overview of the project that’s available on our website, however our greatest pleasure comes from giving our collaborators the opportunity to speak for themselves. This new video does just that, enabling you to meet the parents, children, and educators most impacted by LDP’s work in Ghana.

If you would you like to support SIL LEAD’s Literacy and Development in Ghana project, please click HERE.